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Enjoy a good night's sleep with CBNnight

CBNnight 300mg is a natural dietary supplement and sleep aid containing CBN oil. It is sleep-inducing and helps you fall asleep, sleep more heavily and feel recharged the next day. Just like a sleeping pill, but without any chemicals.


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Jacqueline Clausen, 33:

”My experience with CBNnight has exceeded all my expectations. I was skeptical to begin with, and therefore I didn’t expect it to have this effect. But today I am 100% convinced that this is the right solution for me – and I would never dream of taking a sleeping pill ever again.”


  • Dietary supplement that works like a sleeping pill
  • Makes you sleepy after approx. 20 minutes
  • 100% natural sleep aid – no chemicals
  • Contains 0% THC
  • Non addictive, you can take it whenever you need

3 dreamy reasons to try CBNnight

1. Sleep well without sleeping pills
CBNnight is a natural sleep aid and dietary supplement without any chemicals. Take 2-3 drops of CBNnight before bed and sleep well without taking medicine.

2. Fast effect
Feel the effect of CBNnight after approx. 20 min. You feel tired, start to yawn and feel the desire to go to sleep.

3. Sleep deeper
With CBNnight in your body, you sleep deeper and feel naturally relaxed the next day. You do not feel groggy, like sleep medicine can cause.

Jacqueline Clausen, 33:

“For me, the biggest difference between CBNnight and a sleeping pill is the way I feel the next morning. With CBNnight I don’t feel affected in any way – I just wake up and feel fresh. But with sleeping pills I feel heavy and groggy in my head. So, the effect is the same, both make me tired, help me fall asleep and help me sleep through the night, but with CBNnight I don’t feel groggy the next morning and I avoid consuming medication.”

What is CBNnight?

CBNnight is a natural dietary supplement that works like a sleep aid.

CBNnight consists of:
• CBN oil with added terpenes from cannabis indica (3%)
• Organic MCT-oil (97%)

The relaxing and sleep-inducing effect is triggered by the unique combination of terpenes and CBN oil from the cannabis indica plant. This unique formula has been created through two years of development and testing at Swiss Original Cannabis’ own lab in Basel, Switzerland.

Read the product analysis of CBNnight, conducted by a third-party lab approved by the Swiss authorities:

Read the analysis

How to use CBNnight?


• Under your tongue
• 2-3 drops
• Wait approx. 20 sec.
• Swallow and e.g., rinse with a hot beverage

It is best to consume CBNnight under your tongue. Swallow any excess saliva and place 2 to 3 drops. Keep the drops under your tongue for approx. 20 seconds. Swallow and e.g., rinse your mouth with a hot beverage. Hot beverages have a calming effect and can thus enhance your experience.

Like all other cannabis products, it is important to dial in how much you need. We recommend starting with 2-3 drops, see how that feels, and regulate your dose as needed – only you can determine your perfect dose.

True taste of CBN oil and terpenes

CBNnight tastes 100% of natural terpenes from the cannabis indica plant – no flavor agents are added that affect the true taste of cannabis.

All senses are activated
When consuming food and drinks, all of the body’s senses are activated, and taste is essential to that experience. Imagine eating a banana that tastes like strawberry – it is not exactly the same experience. Therefore, it is important to us that, when consuming CBNnight, it tastes accordingly. Because, at Swiss Original Cannabis, we believe in the true experience. So, we ensure CBNnight tastes 100% like natural terpenes from the cannabis indica plant.

Take CBNnight as often as you need

Are you a troubled sleeper? Feel free to use CBNnight as often as you need because it is a 100% natural dietary supplement without any added chemicals.

CBNnight is fit for both symptomatic treatments, if you once in a while have trouble sleeping, as well as for regular use, if you suffer from insomnia.

As with any food and dietary supplements the body slowly gets used to CBNnight. Thus, if you take CBNnight regularly, it is important to take a break once in a while to take notice of whether you still need it. So, if you take CBNnight every night, we recommend taking a one weeks break approx. every 4th week to assess whether you still have the same need as when you started.

‘The more the better’ does not apply to CBNnight

The principle of ‘the more the better‘ does not apply to CBNnight. You do not sleep better the more you take. Actually, on the contrary as you may feel tired the next day. Therefore, it is important to take a dose that is right for you, which usually is between 2-3 drops, to enjoy the optimal effect of CBNnight and feel fresh and well rested the next day.

How it feels to take CBNnight

You clearly feel the effect of CBNnight after approx. 20 minutes of consumption – you feel naturally tired, start to yawn and feel the desire to sleep.

• Naturally tired
• Fall asleep easier
• Sleep deeper
• Next morning you feel relaxed

Personal reservations

Don’t let these three myths make you miss out on fantastic results

Neither dangerous nor harmful

CBNnight is a natural and harmless dietary supplement. CBNnight contains 0% THC, which is the psychoactive substance in cannabis, thus, CBNnight does not make you ‘high’. In comparison, cannabis used for smoking contains approx. 20% THC on average. Cannabis products with less than 0.2% THC are legal in the EU.

Non addictive

There are no ingredients in CBNnight that are addictive. With that said, anything that gives you a good experience can be addictive, as for example running, sugar, cola, traveling etc.

Legal in the EU

CBNnight is legal in the EU. CBNnight contains CBN oil, terpenes and MCT oil – none of which are illegal in the EU. If you want official documentation for travelling, download the product analysis, which documents its contents. It is the same analysis customs officers use to verify the products.


Is CBNnight the right solution for you?

• I want to sleep better
• I want to have an easier time falling a sleep
• I want to sleep deeper and heavier
• I don’t want to take medicine


YES I want to sleep better

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What do others say about CBNnight?

How CBNnight is made

Cannabis is a plant with a long history stretching back thousands of years. Many cultures have used the plant for medical treatments for centuries e.g., to soothe the body and relieve pain.

The two major compounds in cannabis are the cannabinoids THC and CBD. In addition, cannabis contains at least 100 minor compounds amongst others CBN (cannabinol), a non-intoxicating compound.

The sleepy cannabinoid
For many years, CBN was known as “the sleepy cannabinoid” because people became very tired after consuming cannabis containing a lot of CBN. Later, however, it was discovered that it is in fact CBN oil in combination with terpenes from the cannabis indica plan that makes you tired.

CBNnight is specifically developed for sleep. Thus, it contains CBN with added terpenes from the cannabis indica plant, which produce the smell and taste and which have a big impact on the overall effect. The combination of pure CBN oil and terpenes gives the “sleeping pill” effect, and it is this combination that makes CBNnight unique.

Groundbreaking discovery
This method for isolating and extracting CBN was a groundbreaking discovery to the industry made approx. two to three years ago. Since then, Swiss Original Cannabis has further developed and refined the method in their own lab with the purpose of developing this natural sleep aid, which finally came into existence in the beginning of 2021.

By isolating and combining CBN and terpenes from the cannabis indica plant you isolate the sleep-inducing effect of cannabis. In its entirety, cannabis is a complex package of different effects which both in combination and isolation have a range of beneficial qualities. Gradually, as the world learns more of how these individual cannabinoids are isolated, it is possible to develop even more tailored dietary supplements, which potentially can contribute to lowering the total consumption of medicine.

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